Present Your Home In 3D

Not Your Usual Virtual Tour

Not Any Fading In Or Out Of Images

Your Home Shows Up Like A Doll House

The Buyer Moves From Spot To Spot

​From Room To Room Up And Down

And Around Inside And Outside

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The For Sale sign is up, your first showing is tomorrow and the heat is on. You have cleaned the house from top to bottom and taken care of all the outstanding maintenance items. You have made all the improvements your Realtor or Stager has suggested.

A not so good first impression can result in offers less than asking price. Before any possible buyers come to view your home, consider the following suggestions.

  • ​Remove personal or offending items, such as photographs, hunting trophies and the art on the fridge door. You are selling your home not your personal belongings, a buyer needs to imagine living here and too much "stuff" is distracting.

  • ​Make sure the house is clean, things put away, sinks cleaned, counters de-cluttered, beds made, closets tidy, clean towels in bathrooms, pet hair gone etc.

  • ​Your home should smell clean, and not with the aid of artificial sprays and plug-ins. Some folks have allergies to those. May I suggest fresh flowers in Spring or Summer. Cider on the stove in Fall and Winter. Or some sweet baking in the oven - at low temperature. Do not burn down the house now. Also be aware of any pet odours.

  • Nothing should be blocking good sight lines,​​​​ if there is a nice view to the back yard allow it to be seen. Close the bathroom doors and lower the lids on the toilets.

  • Make sure that the traffic through the house flows easy, remove excess furniture and mats that could trip a person or rugs that make small spaces, especially small bathrooms look smaller.

  • ​The house has to be be comfortable on the day of showing, a cold floor is unpleasant when on socks or bare feet. All blinds, drapes and shades should allow the daylight in and all the atmosphere creating light fixtures must be on. Background music may be very easy listening and at a level that allows the buyers to have a conversation.

  • ​Safeguard valuables, personal information and sensitive items. Lock away guns and ammunition, small electronics, jewelry and prescription medication. Even though the Realtor is present, he/she may just be getting to know the clients who sometimes in their excitement run from room to room.

​​​         By Rinske Wagenaar            Selling and Staging since 1984

The Seven Must-Do's On The Day Your Home Has A Showing


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